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Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor

Miralva is a certified Shamanic Yoga Instructor with decades of experience in movement and sacred healing arts including Ayurveda and Divine Feminine Therapies. Miralva posses an intrinsic gift to draw away and release negative energy through her hands. She specializes in craniosacral therapy, chakra balance massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal, sport, and Myofascial Release Therapy, Thai massage and medical massage. Miralva also offers private yoga classes to her clients. She is a healer in every sense whose work is seeped in knowledge and insight. Through her touch and wise guidance, Miralva’s clients feel empowered and aligned. ​


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Doris V is a medicinal plant expert living in Urubamba, Peru. She uses her decades of work with plants to diagnose and heal illness using traditional methods. With help from her partner Jose, she orchestrates ceremonies using the huachuma cactus in the sacred valley of Peru. Huachuma (also known as San Pedro) is a powerful but gentle master plant native to the Andes Mountains. Jose serves as a guide to take practitioners high into the mountains. The medicine allows one to absorb the power of the great mountains, and then to bring that power back down with them.



Yoga Instructor, Wellness Coach and Musician

Cissa is a wellness coach with a passion for movement and good nutrition.  She uses yoga as a teaching way of reaching emotions and reconnecting with the self.  Cissa teaches Vinhasa yoga and samba-yoga movement class, which empowers students through a whole-body approach.  Cissa is also an accomplished musician, singer, songwriter and she blesses our retreats with Brazilian music and a sweet and soulful energy.  To learn more about her music visit: www.cissapaz.com