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Its a cactus that has been used in my culture for more than 10 thousand years, before the incas arrived still been used in our traditional medicine, in all special to clean out the sicofisical bodies....and to make a good check up, intorspection of many aspects of our lives to make the changes to make a happy life and enforce the Spirt, Light for when its time to leave our bodies.....many sicknesses healed by thisplant.....

People should do a lemongrass purge before and a temascal ceremony before taking the plant, so that the densities inthe body start moving and make a better journey..

People should stop all kind of farmaceutical drugs before the experience....and while on this journey.....

Ive dedicated all my life to this plant, becuase of the goodness in my dimensions that it has....when the spaniards came they named it San Pedro..becuase this saint has the keys to heaven....meaning that this plant can open many neurotransimeters and open sometimes clearly what is in the unconcius mind,,,,,so its a big short cut to whatever method there is for a clear survey of what we are doing in this life.....

Also this is legal here in our country, since it is still used in the traditional healings, by liberating the Spirit, from the densitites thatthe mind has created.

   Thanku again and wishing u all the best, knowing that when the path is clear and meant to be everything just runs smoothly!!  Have fun with enjoying ur life purpose on this amazing planet!”

              All best wishes for u and beloved family!

T H E   D I E T A

Like other plant medicines, Washuma requires dietary adjustments and fasting to properly.

***At least one week before:

Enjoy More

    •    Vegetables & fruit, Whole grains, Herbal teas, Water, Vegan and Raw foods (Organic poultry and eggs & low Mercury fish are Okay)

    •    Meditation & time in nature

    •    Yoga, Exercise, Mindful Breathing Practices

    •    Journaling, Sleep, Laughter


    •    Pork & red meat, Refined sugars, and processed foods with additives,

    •    Gluten, dairy & spicy foods

    •    Alcohol, Caffeine & cigarettes

    •    Even limit the additional supplements you are taking: stick to whole foods.

***3 days before and after:

    •    Be very precise regarding diet and daily practices.

    •    Be celibate. No sex. Save your most potent energy for healing yourself, and honouring your connection with the Plant Teachers.

    •    Just rest. Avoid reading or watching anything with trauma or violence.

T H E   C H E M I S T R Y

The active ingredient in Washuma is mescaline, or 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine, an alkaloid found in other plants and cacti, such as Peyote, known for its visionary effects similar to other serotonergic  entheogens, such as psilocybin and LSD. In the brain, mescaline interacts with certain receptors of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which leads to particular shifts in sensory perception. It acts to awaken the sympathetic nervous system and focuses on the peripheral nervous system, which connects the brain and spine (the central nervous system) to the limbs and organs.

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